This Is How GBTI’s COVID-19 Response Measures Aim to Help Customers

This Is How GBTI’s COVID-19 Response Measures Aim to Help Customers

The COVID-19 pandemic that commenced at the end of 2019 has dramatically impacted people’s lives. Whether you are a business owner, frontline worker, landlord, parent, or student, the adjustments you have had to make to your daily life can result in stress and anxiety.

Compelled to do its utmost best to ensure a worry-free banking experience, Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) has taken steps to protect the health and safety of its staff and customers. Established in 1836, GBTI has supported its diverse customer base for over 175 years and has developed an unparalleled level of expertise to meet wide-ranging needs. GBTI has implemented the following measures in an effort to continue providing its customers with the best that it has to offer in the way of customized financial services.

Digital Banking Services

Since many of GBTI’s customers rely on the convenience of its digital banking services, one of its goals during the pandemic has been to ensure that they can continue to rely on these services. GBTI has also endeavored to make its systems more accommodating to regular users and offers incentives to those who are new to digital banking. To that end, it has undertaken the following:

– Waived point-of-sale (POS) and automated teller machine (ATM) fees (and notified its customers of this savings)

– Improved branch safety protocols, including the additional sanitization of ATMs and other surfaces

– Raised its ATM daily limit up to $150,000

– Displayed preventive and safety guidelines using notices and animated videos in its banks and at ATMs

– made application for Direct and Mobile Banking available from its web platform

Moreover, GBTI’s friendly staff is always prepared to familiarize customers with the advantages of digital banking, which includes facilitating bill payments and transfers, and otherwise assisting them in navigating GBTI’s digital banking technology. For reference, GBTI has compiled a list of its ATM locations and POS outlets.

Initiatives to Protect Customers

GBTI understands that some of its customers may prefer to interact face to face with its staff members and would also like to visit one of its branches in person to complete their transactions. Toward that end, it has taken the necessary steps to limit the possibility of exposure to COVID-19 while delivering essential services to its customers.

 GBTI realizes that in order to meet your banking requirements, it must maintain a safe environment. Therefore, GBTI has made a number of changes to limit the possibility of exposure to the disease while delivering essential services to its clients and customers. These initiatives include the following:

– Reducing working hours for GBTI staff members

– Endorsing Guyana Association of Bankers Inc.’s (GABI’s) measures to encourage online banking measures and social distancing

– Limiting branch business hours from 8 a.m. to noon, Monday to Friday, as supported by GABI. Its Diamond and Parika branches will both be closed on Wednesdays; the former will be open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon and the latter will be open during the same time frame on Sundays.

– Prioritizing service to senior citizens between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.

– Publishing notices of GBTI’s response measures in the local press and on social media

– Displaying preventive and safety guidelines using notices and animated videos in GBTI banks and at ATMs

Relief for Customers

GBTI is sensitive to the financial hardship incurred by many of its customers on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because it places a premium on customer loyalty, it is doing everything it reasonably can to provide its customers with relief, including the following:

  • Enacting a three- to six-month moratorium on loans
  • Providing debt restructuring opportunities
  • Deferring loan payments
  • Reducing interest rates on loans

To be eligible for these measures, customers must be in good standing with the bank. To facilitate its assessment of customers’ requests while mitigating the risk of spreading SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, it is encouraging customers to visit a branch location only as a last resort, opting instead to reach out via email at, telephone, or postal mail.

A Look at GBTI’s Commitment to Its Customers

In this unprecedented time, GBTI takes pride in delivering exceptional service to its customers in a manner that ensures the highest level of safety. GBTI adheres to all health and safety measures as set forth by Guyana’s Ministry of Public Health, the Pan American Health Organization, and the World Health Organization. GBTI encourages its customers to engage in safe practices and to reach out with any questions or concerns.