GBTI staff donates 25 units of blood in annual blood drive

GBTI staff donates 25 units of blood in annual blood drive

GBTI on Thursday, June 18, 2020 held its annual blood drive at its Water Street Branch garnering 25 units of blood, all donated by staff of its Georgetown Branches.

It was the eight year that the blood drive was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health/National Blood Transfusion Service to coincide with the observance of World Blood Donor Day on June 14.

Water Street Branch Manager, Mrs Juanita Persaud, said the Bank decided to proceed with the activity as it sees it as a Corporate Social Responsibility and the necessary health and safety COVID19 precautions were in place and practised.

“For a while we wanted to postpone the activity, but we saw the calls by the blood bank for blood especially during this time and we wanted to make a contribution. we are happy we heeded the call. The staff responded well, as usual and we wish to thank them for donating so selflessly,” she said.

Among those donating were veteran donors Christopher Mackintosh, Christine Chin-Kanhai, Esther Marville, Yuvraj Bhagwandeen, Adeeb Bacchus, Mercedes Low-Koon, Sherisha Adams, Godwin Fernandes and Mahendra Deonarine. Among the first time donors were, Susan Ghanie, Raneesha Ramnanan, Mickelo Dodson and Scott Johnson.

“I always wanted to donate, I always wanted to feel what it is like,” Ghanie said.

Dodson echoed similar sentiments while Ramnanan who was eager but fearful said, “It was a good feeling and a wonderful experience. I would definitely be donating again.”

The Bank expresses its gratitude to the staff and to its partnership with the National Blood Transfusion Service and the Ministry of Public Health.