GBTI rewards Quick Cash Christmas Promotion Winners

GBTI rewards Quick Cash Christmas Promotion Winners

GBTI has rewarded the winners of its Quick Cash Christmas Promotion with various prizes.

The final presentation took place on Wednesday, January 22 following the final draw on January 20, 2020.

The winners were selected from across the country in three random selection drawing held in November, December and January.

The winners in the first drawing were Mr. Avinash Mangal from Belle West, West Bank Demerara and Ms. Linda Daniels from Corentyne, Berbice. Mr. Mangal won a 5-piece hardwood locally made dinette set compliments of ND&S Superstore while Ms. Daniels won a basket of locally made products from the Edward B Beharry and Company Limited.

In the second draw in December, Mr Kalik Ally from Crabwood Creek, Corentyne won a seven-foot wall cupboard compliments of Floor It and Ms. Rebecka De Fritas of Crabwood Creek, Corentyne and Ms. Hemwattie Ramsabad of Craig, East Bank Demerara, each won a Beharry basket of goodies.

The final winners Mr. Joshua Seaton of Timehri Docks, won a sectional suite compliments of Zayna’s Furniture while the two consolation winners Mr. Marcus Joseph of Port Kaituma and Ms. Nezeika Goodchild of Corriverton each won EBB Baskets of goodies also.

GBTI launched its Quick Cash for Christmas in October. The two-and-a-half-month campaign generated much interest as the Bank made it easy for persons to access Quick Cash from $100,000 to $500,000, to help celebrate their Christmas.

The Bank partnered with some of its customers: ND&S Superstore, Floor It, Zayna’s Furniture and Edward B Beharry and Company Limited to reward customers who would have taken loans during the promotion.

We extend a hearty thanks to our partners and customers who responded to the promotion and we congratulate all our winners.

GBTI is your most accessible bank and we are always ready to help our retail and commercial customers realise their dreams.