5 Benefits of Online Banking with GBTI

5 Benefits of Online Banking with GBTI

GBTI strives to provide a full range of financial products to people throughout Guyana. Part of the bank’s suite of offerings is electronic banking, which is accessible from any Internet-enabled device at any time of day. Knowing that security is extremely important, GBTI offers a guarantee for the safety and security of its online banking system with automatic logouts and unique login credentials. Electronic banking is free to all GBTI customers, and people can sign up online or at any of the bank’s branches. Customers do not need to load any new software onto a device in order to access mobile banking, as they can sign in directly from the GBTI website. However, the bank offers an app that can be downloaded to your phone for easy access. Online banking offers a number of great benefits for banking customers:

1. Instant account access

One of the primary benefits of electronic banking is that it offers easy account access regardless of the time or place provided that you have Internet access. You can easily check your balance before making a purchase in order to create a more realistic budget. This instant access is also helpful for tracking direct deposits from employers or other money placed in an account in order to ensure sure that everything is accurate and up to date. If you notice an issue, you can quickly address it. However, you can also go back several years to ensure that your accounts are accurate. Without electronic access to your accounts, it can prove difficult to keep track of your money.

2. Tracking your transactions

Transactions are instantly recorded, and electronic banking makes it simple to ensure that the charges are accurate. Mistakes happen, and sometimes businesses enter incorrect charges. With online banking, you can quickly catch mistakes and ensure that they are immediately fixed. Also, it is sometimes beneficial to know whether a transaction has cleared your account. Plus, electronic banking makes it easier to catch unauthorized transactions so that you can dispute them immediately instead of weeks down the road when you finally look over your statement. Keeping track of your transactions is an important part of budgeting, particularly if you are trying to cap spending in a particular area. For example, you can subtract transactions from your clothing budget as soon as they occur rather than wait to see what you spent at the end of the month.

3. Easy fund transfers

GBTI offers its customers checking and savings accounts, as well as credit cards. All of these accounts can be accessed online, and transfers between them can be easily initiated. Depending on how you manage your money, you may choose to make deposits directly into your savings account or alternately transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts on a regular basis. Doing so with the click of a button will save you time and energy, as compared to initiating the transaction in person at a GBTI branch. Also, you may be able to save money on transaction fees by handling them online. These easy transfers make it simple to set up multiple accounts for different purposes. For example, you may want to create multiple savings accounts for retirement and vacation, as well as a down payment for a home in order to avoid mixing them up in a single account.

4. Schedule bill payments

GBTI enables users to pay their utility bills online through an electronic banking portal. These payments can be scheduled to transfer directly from a GBTI account in order to avoid the need to write a check each month. Furthermore, the payments can be scheduled so that you never forget a payment, which could trigger late charges. Online payments are instantaneous, so they are immediately reflected in your account. Furthermore, you will not need to worry about a check becoming lost in the mail or forgetting about the payment before it is processed. GBTI has a helpful feature on its website that takes customers through the process of signing up for this service.

5. Online service requests

Many of the services offered at a GBTI branch can be completed online, which saves people a trip to the office while ensuring that the process is completed in a timely manner. For example, you can place a stop payment on a check or other process that was incorrect before it is completed. Moreover, the online portal makes it easy to check on the status of loan accounts, as well as any checks that have been sent or received. All account statements can be easily accessed online, which can prove helpful if you need to submit financial records for a loan or other applications. On the portal, you can also change your mailing address and other account details. A more complete list of these features is available through GBTI’s electronic banking platform at GBTIBank.com.